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WMDM Ecosystem Design is a boutique consulting firm that provides support and guidance for the B2B(2C) business segment. The company specializes in matters regarding corporate governance, strategy and innovation. WMDM´s focus is the creation and design of horizontal ecosystems, seeking value and synergy through the application of innovative go to market concepts and digital transformation.

The Value Ecosystem

In the past, organizations have sought to create value on the supply side, generating competitive advantages through a strong pipeline. Nowadays, companies have the opportunity to create economies of scale based on demand. This novel economy of
scale derives from the creation of ecosystems, a new form of competitive advantage. These ecosystems, which operate through platforms, are easily scalable due to the network effect, yielding new and diverse sources of value - an ecosystem of value.


The overall economic setting is becoming increasingly more collaborative, the buzzword of a “shared economy” is by no means an exaggeration. New digital tools and an enlarged horizontal business focus offer unique opportunities to B2B companies, due to the fact that they allow new solutions to businesses´ go to market approaches. Sustainable shareholder value is a direct consequence of this, as is the increase of the businesses´ equity value.

WMDM´s methodology enables B2B(2C) companies to identify ecosystems and create digital platforms, through the use of digital transformation tools and technologies, loyalty programs and marketplaces.

An example of a value ecosystem in the field of construction materials is a Brazilian company called Juntos Somos Mais (JS+). Votorantim Cimentos, led by CEO Walter Dissinger, was the catalyst of this ecosystem, together with Gerdau, Tigre and 18

other companies, - creating a digital loyalty platform and marketplace for construction materials. Employing a range of services, JS+ is helping construction retailers sell innovative solutions making use of the products/services that the ecosystem participants already have to offer.


WMDM is a boutique consulting firm, which provides guidance and support to businesses comprising the B2B(2C) segment. Services rendered are meant to assist CEOs and board members with decision making in highly strategic matters.

Consulting in corporate governance, strategy and CEO mentoring/assistance

WMDM Ecosystem Design´s founding partner Walter Dissinger participates in several advisory and non-executive boards of multinational companies. The consulting company´s services encompass all corporate governance issues and provides support to CEOs and boards across a range of strategic topics (internationalization, culture and human resources, turnaround and business
restructuring, portfolio diversification and adjacency mapping, digital transformation and innovation as strategic leverage).

Consulting in ecosystem designing

This dimension of the consultancy focuses on the study of options, design and development of horizontal ecosystems between the client and non-competing industries/services. The creation and leadership role of the client within the horizontal ecosystem, allows him to optimize and change his go to market, expanding the reach of products through servitization.


WMDM has a design thinking methodology able to identify and design possible horizontal ecosystems, in accordance to the value chain in which the client operates. Subsequently, the potential value of the ecosystem is assessed for the client (ecosystem leader) as well as for the participants (players), put in place through loyalty programs, access and data value leverage (data mining) and new products/ innovative services.

WMDM has partnerships with companies that operate in the ​​loyalty program, as well as artificial intelligence and payment systems segments. This infrastructure is crucial for the implementation phase of the ecosystem.

Consulting in digital transformation

This dimension of the consultancy is focused on helping clients create value through
the implementation of new digital tools in their go to market operations and

The opportunities to be studied are:

  • digital platform opportunities.

  • mapping of innovative technologies in the production process and supply chain - with regards to industry 4.0 and blockchain.

  • leveraging R&D through connectivity with a network of existing startups (open innovation).

WMDM has a “digital health check-up” methodology that addresses these 3 pillars of digital transformation and further studies the opportunities in creating proprietary startups inside (or outside) the company itself. There is an alignment with the client's
objectives and a pragmatic approach that adapts to the company´s real needs. There are also synergies between digital transformation and platform opportunities (in the context of horizontal ecosystems) to be explored.

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